I would like to take this opportunity to fully endorse Congressman Dan Lipinski for the 3rd Congressional District. Unfortunately, Congressman Lipinski no longer represents the village of North Riverside, but I feel compelled to tell you why I still endorse him.

His legacy within our village will live on for generations to come with the accomplishments attributed to him. One of his biggest contributions to the village of North Riverside was to help us obtain a quiet zone in 2009. Train horns no longer sound in the village, which has greatly improved the quality of life for our residents.  

The other contribution which stands out above the rest is the completion of the bike path and road improvement project. The bike path connects the west side of our town to the Village Commons to Veterans Park on the east side of town. 

This bike path project also included improvements to the accompanying infrastructure of our streets. Congressman Lipinski secured a grant in the amount of $1.9 million, which made this project possible. Residents will benefit from this project for years to come.

These two examples are just a sample of his dedication to the villages he serves. Even though I may have differing views than Congressman Lipinski on certain issues, his commitment to helping the communities he serves far outweighs any opposing social political views.

I wholeheartedly endorse Congressman Dan Lipinski for re-election and believe his continued service will improve all the communities in his district.

Mayor Hubert Hermanek

North Riverside