Seems many columnists are writing about it so I may as well jump into the subject of Toys R Us closing. Another one bites the dust. I’m still mourning the closing of Marshall Field’s.

When Toys R Us came upon the scene in North Riverside, it was a grandparent’s dream come true. You could not only shop there yourself, but also bring a grandchild or two for what could be considered a field trip. 

It also was great for behavior control, by saying, “If you behave, we can go to Toys R Us and you can get something.” Actually, it was just as much fun for me, and when Husband Joe and I would go together, I could always find him in the Lego aisle, lamenting that they didn’t have toys like that when he was a kid. I guess Lincoln Logs were not enough.

Special guests would make appearances at the store. One day, Barbie (someone dressed like the doll) was going to be there, so my granddaughter Stephanie went to meet her. 

Stephanie was very young but also blond and blue-eyed, like the living “Barbie” who visited the store that day. She looked at my wide-eyed granddaughter and told Stephanie she looked like just like her. 

Needless to say, Stephanie didn’t grow up to be a Barbie model, but has done very well. She and her sister Elena loved to get Polly Pockets or items for their doll house. I was into it as much as they were.

I could always find the right toy there. With the addition of baby items, the store broadened my shopping experience. I could find it all at Toys R Us. Being able to see the toy and deciding if it was appropriate was a plus.

I’ll be sorry to see another vacant store, hoping there won’t be more in the area. I’m a minimal online shopper. I like the store experience and the people.

We went there on Saturday, and although the big markdowns had yet to start, it was very crowded, including screaming and crying kids pulling things off shelves (parents, watch your kids). 

I bought myself a stuffed Geoffrey, the store’s giraffe mascot, for myself. We will probably go again before it closes for a nostalgia trip and hopefully some good deals.

I guess you could say I was a Toys R Us kid and still am, and there is nothing wrong with that.