Brookfield Little League’s Opening Day ceremony on April 21 over at Kiwanis Park will go off as planned and games will be played without interruption despite the appearance of some large vehicles and equipment that have taken up residence on what was once the bullpen area along the Arden Avenue edge of the park.

Those vehicles and equipment belong to Kenny Construction, the firm hired by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago to repair pipes forming the Salt Creek Intercepting Sewer No. 2, which is part of the MWRD’s system.

The repair project, which involves inserting a liner to essentially form a new pipe inside the old, deteriorating sewer lines, has been ongoing for the better part of two years. Last year, the heavy equipment affected Washington Avenue as it moved west from First Avenue.

Kenny Construction built a drop shaft at the southeast end of Kiwanis Park last year, and the area around that drop shaft is now the staging area for lining the sewer pipe that runs along Arden Avenue from Washington Avenue to an area south of the railroad tracks, near Southview Avenue and Salt Creek.

The work is expected to last until the beginning of May.

Kenny has fenced off the gravel area where the Overholt Field bullpen is located along with a strip of parkway extending farther north along Arden Avenue to accommodate trucks and equipment used to insert a flexible tube impregnated with resin into the sewer pipe.

The equipment has forced Kenny to shift traffic lanes on Arden Avenue to the east, temporarily eliminating parking for a roughly 200-foot stretch on the east side of the street during the construction period in order to maintain traffic in both directions.

But all of that equipment and work won’t have too much of an impact on Little League games, and fans will still have access to bleachers along both baselines. Pitchers will have to find another place to warm up, but Kenny Construction will restore the bullpen area and its protective fence once they’re done with their work, according to Little League officials.

Kenny Construction workers are likely to be back in the area of Kiwanis Park later this year to line manholes along Arden Avenue. But that work will be much more isolated and won’t involve blocking off large sections of the street or parkway, said Village Engineer Derek Treichel.