The Army Corps never did what they said they would in the first dam removal plan they showed to get the village to sign up for that. They didn’t spend what they said they would. 

They deliberately lied about the numbers they presented and their “general” had to come to that meeting at P.J. Klem’s and admit it. Their work in the Swan Pond was crap and we ended up having to spend a bunch of dough to plant “aquatic plants” in what is now all too often “Swan Swamp.” 

They cut perfectly beautiful major trees for that lousy grading that now leaves us with standing water for weeks at a time. And now the board wants to entertain another project with these people. 

Look at how they left the river when they removed the dams — this job will be much worse, and the water will still come in around through Maplewood.

I remember when you could walk across a level, verdant lawn from library hill to the bridge in the dark and not break your ankle in the holes and ridges they left. Kids used to play soccer there — not anymore. 

All these tree cutters and water wizards are causing permanent damage to the best parts of the “Village in the Forest.” Now when you walk along Bloomingbank or stand in Indian Garden you see all the traffic on First Avenue, which you didn’t before. 

Now you hear all that noise from Ogden Avenue and see the backs of those commercial buildings there on Scottswood. The Army Corps, Cook County Forest Preserve District, Illinois Department of Transportation, all of them, are chipping away with noise and sight pollution at what was once a pretty beautiful place.

When will the board learn there is no free lunch?

Donald Spatny