“Shall our Representatives and Senators in the U.S. Congress sponsor and/or support measures that will: Acknowledge the serious threat posed by climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a clear, transparent, and effective way?” 

As an independent voter, I had hoped to see this resolution on my ballot in November. It is very disappointing that it was voted down at the Riverside Township meeting on April 10. 

In my 42 years of living in Riverside, I have never felt more disappointed about being a Riverside citizen. I am very pleased that the voters in Berwyn, Proviso, and Orland Townships overwhelmingly approved a similar measure in 2016, and that Lyons and York Townships have voted to put it on their ballots this year. 

Riverside should be impressed that they wish to protect our children and grandchildren, even though we didn’t have the sense to pass this. 

Philip G. Janicak, M.D.