Ahh, the melodic strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” brings back memories. A notice from Beth Krause set the wheels turning on the generations that have graduated from Riverside-Brookfield High School. Without printing family trees, I will write a synopsis of three families having had three generations graduate from the school.

With Andrew Kraus graduating this year, it marks the latest in a long line of graduates of the Kraus/Hammerschmitt families, which united through marriage. Phillip Hammerschmitt was a 1957 graduate, and his daughter Beth married into the Kraus family. 

The Krauses are a large family and with Andrew’s graduation, 17 members of the two families have walked the halls and donned their caps and gowns. There is a possibility there could be more of the family’s graduates at RBHS in the future, since some still live in the district.

The DeTorrice /Daniels/Hastings family also has spanned three generations at RBHS. Tony DeTorrice married younger classmate Charlene Daniels after both graduated in the 1930s, though exact dates not known at this time. 

From that union came six children. Lisa DeTorrice Hastings, one of the six, had her third child graduate this year and have one more to graduate. Tony DeTorrice, the first of the graduates, may appear as a column subject at some time; he’s an interesting man.

Now to the Kosey/Duve/ Schmitt/Kerry family, which I happen to know quite a bit about.

 Suzanne Schmitt (RBHS 1952), married Pete Duve and they had five boys, all RBHS grads. Eric Duve married Tina Kosey, joining the two families and producing two girls and a boy who also walked the halls of RBHS.

Tina Kosey Duve is the daughter of Joe Kosey, Class of 1960. Her brother, Michael, married Pam Kerry, another graduate. There are the three generations, which in the future may include McKenna Kosey, who is now 7 years old and plans on doing gymnastics and being a cheerleader.

Now, I did not attend RBHS. I was a Nazareth girl; no story there, at least that I will tell.

So, if my numbers are correct, Krauses account for 17 graduates, DeTorrice nine (with one more to go), and Kosey/Duve would be 14. I’m confused, so I can imagine how you readers must feel. 

Now if any of you can top this let me know. I would not be surprised if there is a family with four generations of RBHS grads. Let me know, you know how to find me.

Congratulations Class of 2018!