Last June, a local political action group caused a stir when it received permission to display a rainbow banner for a week during Pride Month in Riverside’s Guthrie Park. The village of Riverside subsequently tightened its policy on just who gets to use the village-owned banner display, disqualifying groups like Indivisible West Suburban Action League, which was responsible for the rainbow banner.

Undeterred, the group is hoping to spread their message of support for the LGBT community not through a single banner but through 200 rainbow flags it is distributing for free to anyone who wants one to place in their front gardens and yards.

“We wanted to engage the local community during Pride Month and the response has been overwhelming,” said Nilsa Sweetser, a co-founder of IWSAL in a press release. “We hope that all can draw strength, courage and inspiration from each flag that flies in celebration of the LGBT community.”

Most of the 200 flags have been distributed, but if you’d like one of the remaining few, residents of Riverside and neighboring communities can get one by emailing to