I heard it more than once — “this old Riverside” — at Moravecek Funeral Home and St. Mary Church as people said their farewells and gave condolences to the family of Marjorie Lewe, who recently passed away. As I looked around, it sure was a gathering of longtime Riversiders.

You may have read the obituary of Marjorie, which contained facts about a long life, filled with family and good works. But, my relationship with Marjorie was more than that. 

She was one of those people who would call after reading a particular column and add more points of interest or a possible correction. I so enjoyed our talks about Riverside and when she was a young girl and about her courtship with her late husband, John Lewe. 

We laughed about the Romeo and Juliet similarity since one was Catholic and the other Presbyterian. Unheard of in those days; it would be a “mixed” marriage! Common sense prevailed as the young couple got married, and a happy marriage it was, especially hearing Marjorie refer to him as “Johnny.”

Both always looking just so, they would walk hand in hand with smiles on their faces. They lived on Akenside Road eventually moving to — I still call it the Henninger Building — the Village Center.

Conversations would be dotted with the saying, “You remember him/her or them/that” as we reminisced about things related to Riverside. There was talk about her sister-in-law, Clara Gubbins (I remember her) or Bishop Timothy Lyne from his days as a priest at St. Mary’s. I remember him. 

Marjorie was one of many who tried to get the Parish Center at St. Mary’s (the churhagymatorium) named in Lyne’s honor. She delighted in telling me about her grandchildren; not bragging, just being proud.

Yes, it was old Riverside that met to celebrate the life and times of Marjorie Lewe, who had seen the changes in the place where she had grown up and which she loved. 

It was also a gathering of those who had met Marjorie Lewe in the different stages of her life and could learn about the town she loved so much and helped to grow. She was Riverside’s 2005 Person of the Year, a title she had earned and valued. 

Memories of Riverside and those who made them over the years including Marjorie Lewe, another family name in the book of old Riverside.