Remember the sound of the Good Humor ice cream truck making its way toward your street? The jingling bells were music to a kid’s ear and a bother to any adult who had to scrounge for some money to appease a child’s desire.

However, if you were a bright kid you knew about what time the truck would make its rounds, and you were ready with money in the sweaty palm of your hand. 

Though ice cream trucks are still around, it’s a little different these days. Gone are the bells, replaced by annoying music that goes on and on and on. I saw one recently at the ball park and it remained parked there for quite a while. 

Nowadays, you go to it; doesn’t come to you.

The trucks I remember would drive down the street slowly, so anxious tykes would not be running down, or in, the street screaming for the truck to stop. The trucks were bright white because they were generally Good Humor trucks, owned by the company of the same name. The vendor did not always have good humor, but if you had to drive a truck around all day in the heat, listening to the annoying music and dealing with screaming kids, you might not always be in the best of moods either.

Laws change and, for a while, there was a moratorium on ice cream trucks in the village.

Today’s trucks have too many choices; it takes too long to decide. Back in the day we had the traditional ice cream bar with vanilla or chocolate malt ice cream, a Fudgsicle or a Dreamsicle. I leaned toward the chocolate with chocolate. Now they also have treats of all flavors and shapes.

While truck I saw had lots of advertising signs and annoying music, all I could remember was the white, clean-looking truck with the sound of bells slowly coming down Selborne Road to see the regular customers who would beat the heat with an ice cream bar. Make mine a vanilla please, and quick, before it melts. Remember those days?