People usually know where to go to find answers. In years past we depended upon the encyclopedia (kids have your grandparents tell you what that is) or went to the library or phoned, yes phoned, someone who was an expert in the area you were questioning. 

In today’s world we automatically look to the computer, where the little answer person that exists within will spew out the answer. However, unless I went to the wrong computer place, I did not get an answer in this instance. 

I have found that if I pose a question in this column, I often will get an answer. The late Scuffy Gross was one of my best answer persons. My question? Who or what is Harrington Park in Riverside named after or for? I have posed this question before, but am still seeking the answer.

Harrington Park is the park located on Harlem Avenue and Robinson Court, so I contacted Riverside’s Director of Parks and Recreation Ron Malchiodi, thinking he would know. But his answer is the same one I had always heard, but has never been verified. 

It has been said it was named after a person who lived near the park and his last name was Harrington. I seem to remember a man with the last name of Harrington, who did live near the park, and he was in the news business. 

Truth or part of Riverside lore? Inquiring minds want to know — at least I do. 

To the first person to get the correct answer and verify it, I will treat you to a beer at an establishment of your choice in Riverside or an ice cream treat from Aunt Diana’s.

The most recent designated park in Riverside is Patriots (or is it Patriot’s?) Park located on Parkway Road off of Selborne (or is it Sebourne?) Road. It is also the site of Cori’s Corner, with memorial benches, pavers and play equipment. I bet you didn’t even know it is there.

Prior to it being designed as a lovely park, it was referred to as “poo-poo park” (I don’t think I need to elaborate) and was just open land. There was some who felt the park should be named in honor of Bill Earl, who established the Recreation Department and worked tirelessly in his efforts.

Take time to enjoy Riverside’s parks whatever the name. Sit on one of the many memorial benches, bask in nature’s beauty, enjoy the view and don’t worry, be happy.