The mystery is solved thanks to Landmark readers, who are the best, on answering my query on Harrington Park.

Maribeth Gilfillan Dunkley of Gage Road is the winner of an ice cream treat at Aunt Diana’s for telling her remembrance of the park and about Joseph Harrington, who resided across from the park. She grew up on Gage Road where her grandparents and great-grandparents also resided.

To Bill Sherman, you win a libation from a Riverside establishment of your choice for the most information, which is too lengthy for this column. Maybe the story will be continued.

Sherman’s information is corroborated by stories from the Riverside News, which was the forerunner of the Suburban Life and somewhat similar to The Landmark, only not as good. 

Harrington Park is named for Joseph Harrington, who resided in Riverside from 1906 until his death in 1959 at the age of 86. He did, indeed, live in the large stucco house across from what was then known as Robinson Park.

When Harrington arrived in Riverside the land was a pasture, but he soon became an active member of the community helped turn it into a park. An industrial and civic leader, he served as a member of the village board and was president of the First National Bank of Riverside (now First American Bank). He also was an active member of the Riverside Presbyterian Church. 

He was on the village board’s water and light committee in 1913 when the historic water tower burned, and he helped design the reconstructed tower. Because of his many contributions to the village, in 1955 the village board voted to name Harrington Park in his honor.

That does not tell the whole story of Joseph Harrington, but I only have so much space. Perhaps there will be more at another time, but it is an answer.

Thanks to all who shared their information and those who were inquisitive, asking if I had found the answer. As I always say, Landmark readers are the smartest.

Thanks Maribeth and Bill.