How much is that dolly in the window? Those people passing Aunt Diana’s Old-Fashioned Fudge or entering the shop in Riverside may have noticed a doll displayed in the window and wondered. 

She will be dressed in one of her seasonal outfits, wearing one of her many headbands. What is the story behind the doll? Well, here I am to tell you.

The doll is known as a Patty Play Pal doll and at 36 inches she was intended to be a playmate for some deserving child. Made of vinyl, she was a product of the Ideal Toy Company in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

Because the doll was child size, it was possible for the doll to wear actual children’s clothes. Patty Play Pal arrived at Aunt Diana’s as a gift to another Patty – store manager Patty Miglore, who is affectionately known as Auntie Patty. 

The doll was a gift to Miglore from her friend, Riverside resident Joann Weiss. A doll collector herself, Weiss found the doll at a local church rummage sale, and that is how the doll made its way to the store window.

Many people have asked, “How much is the dolly in the window?” Well, until now the doll hasn’t been for sales. 

But, while they’re still fond of the doll, Weiss and Miglore have decided to put it up for auction, with proceeds to go to the Riverside Public Library. Patty Play Pal comes with a wardrobe that includes dresses for various holidays, shoes and headbands. It’s a delight for any doll collector or little girl or someone who remembers having one of the dolls as a child and wants to return to those easy, early days of childhood.

Bids for the doll start at $150 and can be made at Aunt Diana’s, which is located at 29 E. Burlington St. 

Bidding will continue through August and end on Labor Day.