I am a 30-year Brookfield homeowner/taxpayer who has been following events between the village and Compassion United Church/art gallery with concern. 

Having spent thousands on a TIF program, the village is willing to let major elements be thrown in the gutter in favor of the Sokols’ vision for Eight Corners. This is apparent by the village board allowing the church a presence that required a special use permit. 

Linda Sokol owns several choice properties at Eight Corners that she is happy to do nothing with. She apparently feels that her ownership is enough leverage to prevent her toeing the line strung by the TIF. 

Both Sokols are on record as saying they want a big church and parking lot somewhere at Eight Corners. Given the village’s lack of nerve regarding this matter it is more likely to happen than not. 

If it does, any grand vision for Eight Corners economic development go in the garbage can. No businesses want to be overwhelmed by a fair-haired son with a powerful mother. Perhaps Focus Yoga has seen the writing on the wall, therefore, their “for sale” sign.

I am grateful for any local business owners showing real courage regarding this matter. At least one of them understands what the Sokols want and is not afraid to say it is wrong for the village’s best interests. 

Instead of thriving commercial business establishments that would pay taxes and benefit the town, our so-called leaders are allowing the encroachment of what very likely will be something of limited use and no economic or long-term benefit to the village.

James L. Miller


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