I am writing to say that the estimated cost is between $22 million and $28.5 million for the Riverside village campus (“Options mulled for Riverside village campus,” News, Aug. 22) is outrageous.

Seriously? It is already expensive to live here, including the vehicle sticker prices and, mostly, the high property taxes.

I don’t understand the logic in this proposal and how it could even be considered. I’m all for improving our community and its appearances, but come on, this is totally out of line. So, tack on the high taxes we already pay and add this ridiculously-high expense. Where will it end? 

We spent millions of dollars on the RBHS renovations, more than once. I don’t even have children, yet I was expected to help pay for that. Now, the village is proposing a multi-million dollar cosmetic project. 

My husband worked all his life and has now been able to retire. We are trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses, then I read about this on the front page of The Landmark.

We either need to elect new officials who are interested in lowering our expenses and looking out for its residents’ pocketbooks, or working with a smarter budget for such lavish proposals.

Don’t get me wrong: I was born and raised here and find Riverside both charming and inviting. But, this needless spending has to stop. 

The expenses in this town are constantly going up; and this needs to stop now. You need to figure out how to grow business and bring new business to the area where there are so many vacant business sites to help cover some of our taxes.

There is so much more that needs to be done. Try lowering our expenses, not spiking them.

Marybeth Vavrik