Picnicking at Swan Pond, sounds like a fun idea. Add it to the many happenings at Swan Pond through the decades.

For me, Swan Pond has always been a lovely place, although I never saw a swan, but have seen many other things.

One can only imagine the Swan Pond of yesteryear as people came to the “country” from the city to spend a day with family and friends. Moving up in time, I remember my mother always told me not to go there because the gypsies would kidnap me. Trust me, there were some children that would have been returned with gold coins just to be rid of them. I never did know anyone captured by the gypsies, but it kept me out of there till the teen years.

Yes, we did go down there at night, boys and girls. Ah, young romance, strolling down the path hand in hand. Yes, sometimes there may have been beer or two. OK, I admit it was sort of a rite of passage. Usually it wasn’t long before the police would drive down into Swan Pond and kids would scatter, party over.

Many events have taken place at the lovely site we covered the winter happenings in a previous column. There have been war reenactments, with troops spending the night just as it was done before. It was then I realized I had been born in the right period of time. I would have been a lousy pioneer, and we probably would have still been across the big waters.

There were soccer games and playground equipment down there, and when there was a flood, what stuck up above the water gave you an idea of just how deep it was. Couples still walk the path and the setting provides the romantic atmosphere for proposals. 

Wedding parties and prom groups take advantage of the scenery to preserve the event through pictures. I remember attending a wedding which, following the church ceremony, convened there for fireworks. It was quite impressive.

Swan Pond has withstood the passage of time and continued to have varied uses but manages to stay the same — the trees, the embankment, fishing, boats drifting through — and now we will have a picnic. 

Take the time to sit on one of the benches and imagine Swan Pond from another time, possibly when there were Native Americans, early settlers, families having picnics. If you try hard enough and really use your imagination, you many even see a swan.