Meanwhile at the Brookfield Rec Department, we get a happy glance at what small-town, responsive governing is all about — in this case providing a small boy with a physical limit the perfect seat to swing on.

Parker Ramirez, says his mom Christine, loves to swing. But as he has grown bigger, the baby swings, the ones with backs and harnesses, no longer worked. Ramirez called the understaffed and transitioning recreation department at village hall and never heard back. But with word that village government was expanding staffing in the rec department, Ramirez reached out in July to Stevie Ferrari, the new department head. After consulting with the public works director, Ferrari and public works found the money, found the supplier and by early this month an adaptive swing was installed at both Ehlert and Kiwanis parks.

The picture of an ecstatic young Mr. Ramirez in a new swing ran in last week’s Landmark and has garnered a lot of plaudits for the village on our Facebook page.

This is what local government does — when local government is focused on its citizens. Mr. Getty in Lyons might want to take note.