Tuesday, Sept. 25, Aging Well Brookfield Committee sponsored a most informative, entertaining and useful program for the Cathy Colgrass Cafe Senior Nutrition Program lunch crowd at the Elks Club on 31st Street.

Our village police chief, James Episcopo, and fire chief, Mark Duffek, shared handouts, stories and recommendations for residents that reflect their 30-plus years each of service to the Brookfield community. Their remarks conveyed information about accessing services, new technology, safety measures and current scams.

The message we were to walk away with is that no concern is too small to call 911.

In addition to the useful information the two chiefs worked smoothly and well together. Their combined knowledge, experience and comfort with each other indicated mutual respect and a great commitment to the community and its residents. Quite a team!   

I appreciate the examples of our village employee efforts getting recognized and promoted.

Thanks to all that brought this enjoyable and valuable program to the 50 plus attendees.  

Oh, yes, the lunch that followed was typically tasty too!

Sandy Baumgardner