Would you believe it this my 21st year of writing Kosey’s Corner? By my calculations that is approximately 1,039 columns — 3 never made it to print for various reasons, and close to 20,000 words.

Hard to believe.

This occurred to me the other night as I was preparing to be the guest speaker at the Mater Christi Women’s Guild. The ladies were gracious enough to ask me to speak on my years at Mater Christi and being a columnist. Good group! I refer to the topic as “confessions of a columnist,” ones that didn’t require a priest or the sanctity of the confessional.

The question I am most often asked, and it was that night, was, “Where do you come up with the ideas for columns?” 

Little did the ladies know I was listening carefully in case someone said something that would make a good column. That is sometimes the reason people are cautious when talking to me — for fear they will be the next subject. I remind them it is a family newspaper so my column will only contain good things — no fake news here, folks.

I enjoy writing this column and appreciate the kind comments such as “I always read your column first.” 

There was a time when the paper was owned by another person people checked out the police beat first, since the publisher had a tendency to make something out of nothing. 

The fun times? At times, I have been referred to as a “celebrity.” Well, the only red carpet I walk on is in our son’s room, which is now my “office.” It also means I try not to go out without makeup in case I am recognized by strangers.

Thank you, Bob, Dan and my readers as I get this column finished and out.  Good thing they give me a deadline, because I am a procrastinator.  

Many more columns to write. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing them.

Watch for the Lions Candy sale Oct. 11-12.

Trivia question to be answered next week: How many Navarros were in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 7?

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