I am writing to tell of the wonderful assistance I received from Ed of the North Riverside Public Works Department.  I “bumped into him” at the gas station on 26th and Desplaines on Oct. 6. I was in search of help, because my dashboard warning sign indicated that one of my tires did not hold enough pressure.

Not knowing how to add air to a tire, I asked Ed, who was leaving the station as I was entering if he could help me determine which of my tires needed air. He followed me to my car, inserted four quarters into the air machine and with the use of my tire gauge measured each tire until he found one of my tires with a nail in it.

Having found the nail, he instructed me to have the tire patched or plugged at my earliest convenience. I followed his advice and had the tire repaired immediately.

Ed’s help is to be acknowledged and I expect he will receive the recognition he deserves.

Ed, thank you.  You went above and beyond to help a North Riverside resident.

Barbara E Silvestri

North Riverside