Beginning next Monday, you can begin casting votes in the Nov. 6 gubernatorial election that, despite its singular name also includes races for many other state and federal representatives.

All elections are important. But this one is especially so.

For whatever reason, we as a nation have seen fit to hold elections at times of year when weather is sketchy for much of the country and we do it on a day in the week when a good number of adults are working.

Perhaps someday, we’ll value elections enough to hold them either on a weekend day or on a designated election holiday and make polling places numerous enough to be convenient to all voters.

Until then, there are some places, like Cook County, for example, that have made it a point to welcome the concept of early voting and even, heaven forbid, same-day voter registration.

And, as luck would have it, voters have some very local options to facilitate casting ballots during the two weeks prior to Election Day.

Click on this link for details of exactly where in the area and during what times you can cast your ballot, but one of the places is Brookfield Village Hall, where in 2016 more than 6,600 ballots were cast early.

If you can’t make it to the polls on Nov. 6 or have had trouble finding the time on Election Days in the past, give early voting a whirl. The nation won’t regret it.