Going back to July of this year we have experienced a total of 23 burglaries to parked vehicles during the overnight hours. In most cases these incidents involve vehicles that are unlocked. Usually what is taken are simple items like loose change, or small valuables that may be left in the car. 

We have also experienced a few residential burglaries where homes have been broken into. You may have read the news reports about an arrest we made last week on Oct. 10, where one suspect was apprehended and charged after fleeing the scene of a burglary and then caused a crash at Maple and Garfield. That arrest was made possible by a good witness description of the offenders and a quick call to the police. 

Just the other night, Brookfield Police received a call of a possible burglary to a vehicle in progress in the 3300 block of Arthur involving two suspects. One was a teenage male wearing a dark hoodie and carrying a pink satchel type bag around his waist. The other suspect was described to be a female juvenile. 

Suspects were confronted by the vehicle owner who located them inside the vehicle, but they were able to flee the area as police were being called. The teens fled the area in a small silver Chevy sedan, possibly a Chevy Aveo. 

Officers did locate a vehicle and suspects that matched that description quickly after the incident in the 3100 block of Vernon (alley). However, a positive identification was unable to be made and subjects were released as no evidence of a crime was discovered. 

My message to our residents as always is to be aware of any suspicious activity you may observe and please call 911 immediately. I assure you that our officers are working hard to capture these offenders in the act, but the more cooperation and phone calls we can get from our residents who see or hear something that just isn’t right, the better our chances will be of putting a stop to these incidents. 

Lastly, we are also getting to that time of year where package thefts from deliveries to your doorstep are more common everywhere. If you can prevent keeping packages from being left out, please take steps to do so. Also, again, be aware of suspicious subjects, day or night going door to door and don’t hesitate to call 911. Getting the best description you can and the last direction of travel is always helpful. 

Unfortunately, as the holiday season approaches these types of incidents become more common, but I believe that with the community’s help we can work together to keep these events to a minimum. The more you call us or send us tips, the better our chances are of keeping someone’s property from being stolen. 

Feel free to reach out to me personally anytime at my direct line, or by email. In the meantime, thank you as always for your assistance, and I hope each and every one of you has a safe and happy holiday season.

James L. Episcopo, police chief