I think it’s about time to clear up the clutter on my desk, or is it clear up the clutter in my mind?

Anyway, here goes. 

Is anyone else getting tired of the political ads? Are you bothered by the amount of money that is being spent, which could be spent other ways? 

How about the people who are victims of recent disasters, don’t you think they could use some of that money? Fresh water maybe? Clean clothes? Or how about all the fundraising that is being done by individuals to combat diseases? 

I get it, but I don’t care for it. Campaign reform? Ask me, I have some thoughts. Of course, the important thing is to get out and vote. I recommend early voting, and the Brookfield Village Hall is very convenient

Also I know after the campaigns are over we will be inundated with ads for Christmas. 

Those will start well before Thanksgiving, which should be a no-no, and I don’t know if I will have enough egg nog to get me through to the actual holiday. 

Remember when the sign of Christmas was receiving the Sears Wish Book? I think I wore out the pages deciding what I wanted. Goodbye Sears. Another one bites the dust.

How did Riverside events get showcased before one could use Guthrie Park to post signs about events? You may remember when two trees were used to anchor announcement banners, but one the trees died and had to be removed. 

Panic was averted when posts were put in place, but it meant organizations had to get new banners to fit the signs. 

So this week I noticed that today Wednesday, Oct. 24, Husband Joe and I can drive through the parking lot at Ames School between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. for a barbecue dinner which is brought right to your car, you don’t even have to dress up. Hope you saw the sign. 

And since we got the stop sign at Burling and Riverside roads you have more time to read the signs. You did know that the street in front of the library is named Burling, didn’t you?

Answer to last week’s trivia question: There were five members of the Navarro family of Riverside who ran in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 7. 

I did see the name of John Keen of Brookfield listed as well. I know there were more of you from the area who participated — congrats to you all. I got tired just thinking about it.