The average composite ACT score for the Riverside Brookfield Class of 2018 rose to 22.4 after the scores of those members of the Class of 2018 who took the ACT again as seniors were added into the mix. 

In September, RBHS officials had reported an average ACT score of 22.1 for last year’s graduating class based on the results of juniors taking the test in 2017.

The 22.1 score had tied for the lowest score at RBHS in the past five years. The 22.4 score is the second lowest score achieved by a RBHS graduating class since 2014, beating only the 22.1 score achieved by the Class of 2016. 

The Class of 2017 achieved an average composite score of 22.6.

The highest scoring graduating class in recent years at RBHS was the Class of 2015 which complied an average composite score of 23.3.

RBHS principal Kristin Smetana said that she didn’t know and couldn’t find out how many members of the Class of 2018 retook the ACT as seniors.