Another 100 years have passed and the Catholic Church hierarchy still can’t get it right. In fact, it is probably worse than ever.

Cardinal Cupich is trying to reorganize the area churches based on Mass attendance and dollar amounts contributed monthly. Using groups of parishes, he hopes to make a lead church with the main authority and satellite churches to combine membership and save money.

His theory is absurd.

The main criteria for all churches should be participation in good works as well as spreading love and good works to all, as was Christ’s example.

A perfect model church is right here in Mater Christi of North Riverside. Starting with a small, humble shrine to Mary outside to a modest but spiritually beautiful church, you feel goodness, love and caring here without excessive decorations.

Other qualities include its Holy Name Society and Women’s Guild, both among the largest in most active groups, who exist just to help others in legitimate need. In my 18 years at Mater Christi, I have yet to hear of one person who was not helped.

The St. Vincent group is probably the most active incognito group of all, often working with other groups. In just one example, a single mother, now a parishioner, was picked up from work at 10:30 p.m. four nights a week and driven to her subsidized apartment because of no late bus service. She had to work this shift to keep a job.

This lasted for 15 months without fail and stabilized her life, as she is still supporting and herself and her child, Her whole life has been turned around.

There are many other examples, like members who visit Cantata Adult Life Services once a week, greeting 40 to 60 residents with a smile, a good positive compliment and a piece of candy or a cookie. Their eyes light up, often with tears.

I wonder: How many nursing home patients Cardinal Cupich has visited in his life? Take your head out of the sand and savor Mater Christi.

Jim Zak

North Riverside