Brookfield trustees in a couple of weeks will be voting to approve a series of zoning variances for a proposed development at 3704 Grand Blvd. in downtown Brookfield.

They should approve them.

The three-story, mixed-use building – which would have a ground-floor commercial storefront facing Grand Boulevard and 11 apartments – is exactly the kind of development the new Brookfield Comprehensive Plan envisioned.

And while change is always hard for people, we believe in time that even neighbors will come around to that way of thinking.

Michael Gatto, the developer, has engaged with residents to respond to their concerns, and their input has improved the plan.

The development now calls for a fully green roof – a first for Brookfield – that will be quite an attractive amenity for residents of the building and will provide brand new commercial storefront space in a downtown that hasn’t seen such a thing in decades. 

It will also be the first downtown commercial property built under the new zoning modernization standards, which regulate building types, materials, parking, landscaping and more.

Make no mistake, Brookfield. This is just the first in what likely will be more development in downtown Brookfield. This is a great test case for Brookfield’s comprehensive planning and zoning modernization efforts, one we hope will improve future development along the village’s rail corridor.