Thank you to the Landmark reporters for continued coverage of the proposed development at 3704 Grand Blvd. in Brookfield. As homeowners on Grand Boulevard for 15 years, we have followed this development via the Landmark and by attending recent village meetings. I was quoted briefly in the Landmark’s Nov. 28 issue, and would like to add to those comments toward a view of the larger picture.

We are in favor of development on the downtown block of Grand Boulevard, a potentially vital commercial strip in our town. It is the proposed property’s broad reach onto Sunnyside Avenue that is our only concern. 

Three of the four PIN-number parcels for the proposed development face Sunnyside, which is a 100-percent residential street. All residential properties currently abide by the 5-foot setback (off the sidewalk) ordinance. This setback helps provide the openness, the visual and physical relief from structural mass that bestows upon Brookfield a small-town feel unlike most other suburbs.

Furthermore, the proposed plan seeks to satisfy the village’s greenspace requirement by replacing the existing grassy lots on Sunnyside with a private rooftop garden. 

We fear that allowing variances on the setback ordinance, as it applies to residential zones, may set a precedent that future real estate developments will employ to further constrict the airiness and greenswards which are so much of part of the joy of Brookfield living.

Susan O’Connell and Bob Chicoine