Can you believe it is 2019? Seems I was just getting used to writing 2018. I hope you had a happy and safe New Year and your holidays have been good.

This time of year most people have a tendency to look back over the past year and take stock of what happened. I am going to take a different approach and look ahead to 2019.  

Locally, we will see many changes within village governments. While there is no contest in Riverside, there still will be three new faces on the village board. Brookfield and North Riverside will have contested elections, with each village having its own set of issues to deal with. 

School boards, if you pay attention, can have the most interesting elections, and candidates need to be looked into before one casts a ballot. Even if you don’t have children in the system, good schools are important to your property values, so don’t be quick to vote against something or someone until you have researched it and listened to the facts.

There will be changes in Springfield, with a new governor, and new people in Washington, D.C. And, isn’t the race for mayor of Chicago something, with a field bigger than the Kentucky Derby. It’ll be something to watch.

As you enter 2019 you are probably making resolutions that you intend to keep and look forward to accomplishing them. I don’t make resolutions, so I won’t feel guilty if I don’t keep them. 

I do try to attempt to do some simple things, like clearing off the dining room table and keeping it that way. I intend to send more handwritten notes. The late Ray Meyer would always send me a personal mote after I had sent him a card, and I remember it being something I really enjoyed. 

I would like to give people the experience of receiving a handwritten note, which of course will be written in my almost perfect Palmer penmanship. I look forward to writing columns that I hope you will enjoy and getting ideas from you to help me write those columns. Hopefully, this is the year I get that book started and finished.

So my friends, don’t look back, but ahead. With that come my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.