Riverside is celebrating its sesquicentennial (that’s 150 years) this year, something we will address at another time, but it made me think of how many families have longevity in Riverside — I mean a long time. Anything 50 years or under is not a long time by Riverside’s standards.

Our family has been in Riverside for 78 years, which is a fairly long time, but I think of others who are still here that have helped to shape Riverside’s history. This is a subject that will turn into some research on my part and a few more columns, but here are some brief things to get started.

It is not unusual for many native Riversiders to remain in the village or return after some period of their lifetime. Consider the Creadon family, whose family home was on Lawton Road and has been changed over the years by different owners. 

Most remembered was Francis Creadon, born and raised here. He married Mae and they raised their family here. Two of his daughters, Kathleen Sullivan and Mary Ellen O’Donnell, and daughter-in-law Carol, whose late husband was Pat Creadon, are proud to still be residents. Another generation of the Creadon family resides here, Mary Carol Murphy and her family. I think the family likes it here.

Judith Cross West Jisa’s family can trace its roots back to some of Riverside’s first residents. The clock on the Riverside Township Hall was a gift from her ancestors many years ago. The four children of Judy Jisa and her late husband, Wendell, have chosen Riverside as the place to raise their families. Wendell (a current village trustee), Wendy, Sara and Danny are adding another generation of the family to the history of Riverside.

Mike Parrat has a story of his relationship to Riverside growing up here and his association with the fire department. Mike’s story is one which will be covered after doing my research, in other words talking to him and his wife, Mary.

Bill Sherman’s Riverside story will also be covered. A longtime member of the Riverside Fire Department and its current deputy chief, Bill has much to share when it comes to his family’s relationship with Riverside and the fire department in particular.

Time for my research to begin and discover which family has resided in Riverside the longest.