A new year is great time for a new perspective, and Brennan Massage & Spa is offering the perfect way to begin 2019 with a new focus. On Saturday, February 2, Brennan Massage & Spa will host The Sacred Art of Self Care, a day-long retreat led by Gordon Sieveke and featuring yoga and meditation.

Abby Brennan, owner of Brennan Massage & Spa says of the event, “We’re excited to be able to do this. It’s an extension of what we offer our clients and a way to bring this approach to everyday living.”

In this era of constant connectivity to technology and an urgent sense of busyness, Brennan says that more and more clients are challenged by an inability to rest and have peace in their daily lives. 

“Clients get a break from that with our regular services, but that’s just for an hour. This retreat is about beginning a journey to incorporate more peace into our daily lives.”

Brennan says that Sieveke, who is a massage therapist at Brennan Massage & Spa, is a natural leader for the retreat. “He’s been working for me for over three years and has built a loyal clientele because of his holistic approach to quality of care.”

The focus of the retreat will be centered on three themes: rejuvenation, reflection and restoration. Sieveke notes that through a variety of self-led and small group activities, participants will be able to focus on their inner lives.

“We can get caught up in the outer life, but this is about the inner life and learning how to be in the present moment.”

He has twenty-five years of experience in creating retreats, and Sieveke says that overall, there are four key components to a successful retreat: safety, relaxing, vulnerability and connection. “People need to feel safe. When they feel safe, they will feel relaxed. When they can relax, they can feel more vulnerable and can connect to what’s true and real.”

The Sacred Art of Self Care is thoughtfully planned to give participants time away from the distractions of the outside world. The quiet day of reflection will help each participant take a holistic look at their lives and rediscover what is most important, as well as offer suggestions and strategies for incorporating changes into everyday life.

To register for The Sacred Art of Self Care, call Abby Brennan at Brennan Massage & Spa at (708) 255-5335.  Full payment of $200 per person is due at registration and is non-refundable. The retreat takes place at Hollywood Community House, 3435 Hollywood Avenue in Brookfield on Saturday, February 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes lunch.