Below are candidate-submitted answers to a biographical survey Riverside-Brookfield Landmark sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

Age: 42


Previous political experience: none


Previous community experience: President of Brook Park Council of Parents & Teachers, Elder Board, Christ Church of Oak Book, coach


Occupation: National Account Manager – Dawson Sales Company


Education: BA in Economics & Sociology – Northwestern University


Why are you running for a seat on District 95 school board?

I have three children currently enrolled in District 95 and I have been so impressed with all that the district has offered our family that I want to give back and ensure that our district continues to excel.

I have served as the president of the BPC (Brook Park Council of Parents & Teachers) for the past three years. I feel this experience has given me useful insight into how the school runs, what works and what doesn’t and I could bring this information to the School Board. I believe that the more the Board knows about the day to day happenings at school, the better job we could do at supporting our students, teachers and staff.


Are there any specific issues you would advocate the school board address, change or implement?

I think we need to continue to expand the technology we have available for both our students and teachers. I think our district needs to be continually researching and implementing the most up to date technical resources available.

I also think we need to continue to attract high quality, highly educated teachers and staff to our district. The teachers in District 95 are amazing and so dedicated to our children and community. If we can continue to on-board these type of teachers, our district will continue to flourish.


By the beginning of the next school year, the renovations and expansion projects at Brook Park and S.E. Gross schools will be completed. What does the next school board need to do to ensure that initiative provides educational value to future students?

The new classrooms at Brook Park will be equipped with up-to-date technology. I feel the board will need to make sure that all classrooms within both schools can be brought up-to-date for technology needs. Our students will benefit from having access throughout their years in District 95 if technology is available every year at the same level.


What do you think about academic performance at schools in District 95? What areas do you believe could be improved and what action can the school board take to help improve student achievement?

I have been impressed with the academic performance in District 95. I think that the support of math at Brook Park could be improved. There is a great focus on reading and students are being met at their level and supported, but for math the same resources are not available. It was good to see a math specialist was hired this year, but it would be great to see additional math support in the elementary level.


Are there programs District 95 could be providing to students that it does not already provide? If so, how might those programs be implemented?

I think the board should look at after school care at Brook Park. In the past there has not been enough room, but with the expansion this might be possible. Working parents struggle to find care for their children, so if they could stay at school in a program that would be helpful for many District 95 families.


What other issues are important to you as a school board candidate? How would you advocate for them as a board member?

Safety is very important to me as a parent and a member of the community. I think that our district will need to continue to look at options to improve security at both schools and make sure we are doing all we can to keep students, teachers, staff and administration safe.