Riverside-Brookfield High School sponsored a service day on Friday, Feb. 15 wherein student and staff volunteers packed essential daily need items for our homeless veterans in the area. Our student volunteers came in on their day off and packed 771 full kits.

We’d like to thank the volunteers from the PTO, boys lacrosse team, girls lacrosse team, and girls soccer team. They worked very hard and packed all of the 771 essential needed kits with 15-25 items in less than 2 hours. What a great team effort! 

Students in the Helping Paws Club and members of the girls soccer team set up for the event on Feb. 14 after school, and on Friday, 30 more students woke up early on their day off to help fill the kits. 

The event included Tom Day in his full military uniform playing “Taps” and speaking to RBHS students about the history of taps. Guardian Corps of America President Anthony E. La Piana also spoke about the purpose of the organization and the kits assembled. 

This is part of a larger operation that Guardian Corps of America is engaging in called “Operation EDDA”. For more information please visit www.usaguardian.org to learn more.

We are sending a huge thanks to all who made this event possible: 

Kristin Smetana, principal

Tammy Mollo, principal’s office

Ivek Halic, soccer coach

Sam Styler, lacrosse coach

Ian Robbins, Helping Paws Sponsor

Tom Day, bugler

Anthony E. La Piana, president of Guardian Corps of America


Ms. Julie Laube, RBHS PTO president and event chairman

A big thank you to A-Available Movers and Riverside Foods for donating boxes and Minuteman Press for the donation on the flyers for the event.

 RBHS District 208 should be proud of this community service project helping so many in need. The RBHS PTO is planning to continue hosting these events in the future.


Riverside-Brookfield High School