I didn’t make it to walk the red carpet at the Oscars, but I did make it by Uber to the Landmark Theater for the screening of the documentary “Hesburgh” directed by Patrick Creadon and produced by his wife, Christine O’Malley, and friend, Jerry Barca.

Creadon, born and raised in Riverside, is an award winning director and cinematographer, whose works include “Word Play” and “Catholics and Converts.” His latest work, “Hesburgh,” tells the story of the renowned Father Theodore Hesburgh of the University of Notre Dame. 

The film tells the story of Hesburgh’s place in history, not only as an educator at the famed university but as a man whose efforts helped the civil rights movement and who was as an adviser to presidents. It is also the story of the Hesburgh’s personal life and his many public contributions.

Attending the screening as the guest of Creadon’s aunts, Kathleen Sullivan and Mary Ellen O’Donnell, I immediately knew I was among a family who knew far more about Notre Dame than I ever will, so I was there to learn. 

The film kept me mesmerized as I found out that here was a man who gave his life not only to his faith, but to all mankind. His love of family remained a strong influence in his life. 

Aside from the story, I was impressed by Creadon’s editing. I can only imagine there must have been miles of film that wound up on the cutting room floor before getting to the finished project. It is obvious that “Hesburgh” as well as Creadon’s other film are labors of love, which one can tell from the subjects he chooses. 

“Hesburgh” has already garnered awards at the Heartland International Film Festival in Indiana.

Creadon originally felt the film would have a limited distribution, but as they rethought their distribution efforts with the help of marketing and distribution companies, the film is scheduled to be in theaters with a national release on April 26. Plans are for it to be shown around the world and translated into five languages.

I give the film 5 stars for its technical aspects and concise storytelling. It’s a good see for all ages and not just Notre Dame fans. I’ll let you know where it will be shown locally when I find out. In the meantime have a big bag of popcorn ready as you will enjoy the show.