Five years from now I can imagine our Eight Corners two different ways.

One vision is a smattering of individual, independent, mixture of small businesses and services amongst underutilized or closed store fronts with the village still wrestling with what to allow to come into the area.

Another vision is a unified, modern, architecturally impressive, developed two additional corners at Eight Corners with small businesses and service providers vying for the other few properties still available.

Let’s get behind a proposal that reflects compromise and keeps us from postponing development. I don’t know what kind of tax base money the proposed multi-purpose project will bring. I am sure there are fantasies of development for a strong tax base income kind of development. But that has not surfaced or shown movement towards reality.  

Having something that looks good and serves a wide range of our residents of all ages, will show that the village is on the move. I would think that would attract more valuable development than waiting for the perfect project to come along.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Sandra Baumgardner


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