To the person that sent me the unsigned letter this week, I would send this to you personally but I do not know who you are since you never signed your name. I re-read all the editorials in the Landmark newspaper, but nowhere could I find the column that said I am cheating Brookfield out of tax dollars. 

Every property in Brookfield that I own or that Gods Will LLC owns or that the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist church owns pays real estate taxes, including on the vacant land.

The gallery, owned by the NICUMC is paying the village of Brookfield sales tax. The previous building, Sparkle Cleaners, did not. 

Now that we have a new village manager, I am sure permits will be issued more quickly so that the empty buildings will be completed. One is already completed and up for sale if you wish to buy it.

Regarding the last half of your letter, I showed the letter to my son, “the Rev” as you referred to him and to my employees, several of which have worked for me since the 70s. We all had a good belly laugh just before I turned the letter over to the Brookfield Police Department for possible finger printing. 

I hope this letter better informs you of the facts.

Linda Sokol Francis


Ed. note: To be clear, this letter is in response to an anonymous letter mailed directly to Linda Sokol Francis. It was not a letter published anonymously in the Landmark. The newspaper does not publish anonymous letters.