Brookfield-LaGrange Park Elementary School District 95 is fortunate not only to have a strong, experienced school board and administration but a strong group of candidates who have volunteered to stand up and participate in governing.

The school board will lose at least two incumbents from the board come April 2, with only one incumbent choosing to run for re-election this year. Whatever the result on Election Day, we feel District 95 will continue to be in good hands.

That said, the trio of candidates we feel are the strongest are Jacqueline Jordan, Meaghan McAteer and Brian Pencak, and we endorse them in this election.

All three have track records as volunteers and actively follow and understand the issues the school board faces now and will face in the future. We like Jordan and McAteer’s commitment to improved communication with the wider community, particularly Jordan’s suggestion that District 95 video stream their meetings and use social media to connect with residents who may not have children in the district.

We also support Pencak and McAteer’s goal of rolling out a more robust foreign language component in District 95, particularly at the elementary school level, and expanding before- and after-school care for families who need additional structured care for their children.

We wish all of District 95’s candidates the best on Election Day. Taxpayers are lucky to have such a strong field from which to choose.