I was very surprised that the Landmark did not endorse Matt Decosola for North Riverside trustee. 

Below are the qualifications and experiences that Matt has that would make him an excellent trustee for North Riverside:

He has many years of experience in the River Forest and Forest Park public works departments.

He already has been a North Riverside trustee and demonstrated his abilities to handle the various issues our village has with knowledge and skill.

He was a former Riverside Township trustee.

He was chairman of the North Riverside Planning Commission.

This is the kind of background I look for when choosing a candidate for trustee. Matt is a very approachable person. He listens to your issue and discusses solutions with you that will solve your problem. A strong and knowledgeable person like Matt is what is needed for North Riverside’s future growth and success.

John Mathias

North Riverside

As a 25-year resident in the village of North Riverside and having been associated and affiliated with several of the municipal elections in the past, I have not always agreed with your paper’s endorsement of the candidates that are seeking election for our village board, but I have respected them. At this time, I must say I do not agree with the endorsements recently posted. 

I am a strong supporter of Matthew Decosola for village trustee and for the reasons that most notably that he brings to the table. As a trustee for four years (2013-17) he was instrumental in keeping the village economically stable, working with a balanced budget and providing so many services to our residents within the community and through our recreation department of which he oversaw during his time in office. Mr. Decosola also served as a Riverside Township trustee for six years (2007-13) and also served on the North Riverside Plan Commission. 

Matt has the integrity and experience having served in aspects of our village that not many have been given the chance to and he showed his expertise and his value to our community as one of the most respected trustees that served our community. He knows our village, having lived over 18 years in our town with his family and I dare say he has a tremendous following of residents, neighbors, friends and other groups in the village. 

I respectfully ask that you reconsider your endorsement and look at what Matt’s accomplishments were and how hard he worked to gain the respect of the community. He will not fail the mayor, the trustees or the residents of this wonderful “Small Community with a Big Heart”. 

P.J. Folz

North Riverside

I am writing this letter not only as a resident of the Village of North Riverside but also as an employee of the village. As most readers know, it is election season. There are six people running for three positions of village trustee. 

One in particular did not get the Landmark’s endorsement, so I wanted to say a few words about him. Mr. Matthew Decosola is the perfect candidate for village trustee. He served on the village board previously and in my opinion did a great job. 

Matt and his family are very active in the community. Matt served as village trustee for four years, 2013-17. Prior to that he served as Riverside Township trustee for six years, 2007-13 and he was also on the North Riverside Plan Commission. 

Matt and his family are present at many village events, board meetings as well as fundraisers such as Christmas for a Cause, which is an event that raises money to feed needy families during the holidays. 

Why are these things important one may ask? I think it is important that a village trustee, a person who is voted in by the people, should be someone like Matt. A village trustee should be a person who takes pride in his/her town, a person who takes part in village functions and activities, a person who is genuinely dedicated to the town he was chosen to serve. Matt Decosola is that person. 

I ask the people of North Riverside to not forget about the man who was not endorsed by the Landmark. Our town would be lucky to have this hard-working, dedicated man back on the village board. 

Sherri Belmonte

North Riverside

This letter is my personal endorsement for Matt Decosola who is running for North Riverside village trustee. I have known Matt for 10 years. Matt is knowledgeable, honest, and professional. I have had the privilege to work with Matt on Christmas for a Cause committee for five years. He is hard working and dedicated to the residents of North Riverside. 

Matt has served as village trustee for North Riverside (2013-17) and Riverside Township (2007-13). Matt believes in an open government and has demonstrated what it takes to work together for the village and its residents. Matt works well with others and would be an asset to the village board. 

I am confident that Matt will have a lot of initiatives and creativity if elected to the village trustee position. He is always enthusiastic and confident and has demonstrated the leadership skills it takes to be a village trustee. 

Terri Sarro 

North Riverside 

Ed. note: Terri Sarro is a North Riverside village trustee.