The old song goes “School days, school days, the good old golden rule days.”

Not so for the parents, children, residents and the Board of Education of School District 103. The District is a hot bed of mass hysteria, rage, chaos and anxiety amplified on social media. 

This turmoil has been ginned up by the interference of Mayor Christopher Getty (Lyons), Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski (McCook), Senator Martin Sandoval (Chicago) and Attorney Marty Stack (Western Springs), none of whom have children, known to me, attending the grammar schools in the district. They are playing the game of partisan politics when grammar schools and their boards of educations are considered to be nonpartisan.

These men have attacked Margaret Hubacek, president of the school board. They accused her of hiring Andrew Rodriguez as a teacher in District 103, who has been accused, but not convicted of, several counts of attempted murder. 

An investigation before Mr. Rodriquez was hired did not disclose the charges. Board members do not conduct employment investigations, Lyons police and others do. Andrew Rodriguez lied on his employment application. He was fired for doing so.

Andrew Rodriguez posed no direct threat to the parents and children attending the schools of Lyons District 103. The shameless four and others do.

The shameless four attacked a defenseless woman like Marge Hubacek for political gain. Were they auditioning for roles on the “Shameless” series on Netflix?

I have left columnist Ray Hanania, the most shameless, for last. He appears weekly as an attack dog prowling and snarling on the editorial page of the Desplaines Valley News. He has attacked and besmirched the reputations of Marge Hubacek and others viciously in his columns and on his website.

Ray Hanania, who lives in Orland Park, needs to find another line of work.

But, most of all, the shameless four and Ray Hanania must stop interfering with schools and persons elected to run them. And, influencing nonpartisan elections. Is that asking too much?

Ted Bojanowski


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