I wanted to reach out regarding last week’s endorsements for the District 95 school board. I was stunned to see that Katie Mulcrone was not endorsed. 

Katie has given countless hours to our schools since she joined the Brook Park Council (PTO group) over eight years ago, but it is while serving as president over the last three years where she has really stood out. 

What that organization has accomplished in terms of the sheer number of events they host and the funds they have raised is nothing short of spectacular. We are very fortunate to have such an engaged group of parents that want to be involved and give so much of themselves to our district. 

However, channeling those energies and delegating those responsibilities is no small task given everything they take on. Katie has done this efficiently and professionally, helping to build the BPC into the powerhouse that it is today. 

Beyond her volunteerism, having had a child go all the way through eighth grade while still having a child at Brook Park and another entering Gross will give Katie greater insight to the district as a whole, while still being directly exposed to ongoing issues and curricula at both schools. This is an advantage no other candidate can offer and it should not be discounted.

While I agree with you that we as a community are very fortunate to have such a strong and compelling field of candidates, I would argue that all are a distant second to the opportunity that lies before us in Katie, and I would urge everyone living in the friendly confines of D95 to support her on April 2.

Brian Conroy