Election Day is behind us now, but for those who won their races – and congratulations to all of you who did – the hard work is just beginning. Getting elected is one thing. Serving residents of villages and the students, parents and taxpayers who make up school districts is quite another.

It’s really the concept of public service that ought to drive the decision-making of elected officials, and most of the time does. Being on village boards and school boards is largely thankless work, requiring long hours and careful attention. In most cases the service comes gratis.

For incumbents who have won re-election, most know the investment in time and headaches they are taking on. For newcomers, it’ll be a role reversal. No longer will it be enough to point out flaws. It’ll be time to deliver policy and live with the consequences.

What it’s going to take is the best everyone can give. That’s why elections are so important. They truly do have consequences.