Thank goodness for caller ID. If you want to call us, I hope your name will show up or else I am not answering the phone. 

The reason? We have been besieged of late with calls insisting that we have health problems and are in need of back or leg braces or anything else that we are entitled to, which doesn’t seem to include peace of mind. 

They also insist we are suffering from some kind of pain; of course, I would like to tell them where the pain really is. 

So we have taken to not answering the phone when we see “unavailable,” an out of town location or an unfamiliar name, although just the constant ringing is annoying enough. 

However, there are times when a familiar name appears, so I answer the phone and it is not who it says it is, it is THE CALLER. They have even gone so far as to send us braces which we now have to go through the trouble of returning or they will charge Medicare. There’s time out of my life I will never get back.

So I did the logical thing and called the phone company. Ever try to communicate with a communication company? That’s another story. I followed procedure and finally got to a person only to be told we have been on the do-not-call list since 2016. Someone didn’t get that message. 

I am following instructions to try to get this taken care of. Change our phone number? Are you kidding! I would have to contact too many places and people with a change of number. So I will keep on keeping on until I get some sort of remedy, but I do feel better having vented my frustrations.

I’ll tell you a secret: Sometimes I will answer the call and give some goofy replies and question them until I drive them crazy and they hang up. It can be fun! But when you call me, make sure I see your name because I like to hear from you.

By the time you read this column the elections will be over, and we will know who is who and what is what. Good luck to all those who have chosen to serve. To those who will be leaving their positions, thank you for your time. 

Well, got to go, the phone is ringing. Maybe I will answer it. I did, and I shouldn’t have. Goodbye.