Jordan, a resident of LaGrange Park, led the field with 940 votes with all eight precincts reporting. McAteer finished second with 919 votes, and Mulcrone, the Brook Park Council president, took the final spot on the school board with 905 votes.

Finishing fourth was Chris Crisanti, the young founder of the Brookfield Democratic Organization who teamed with McAteer in the school board race. Cristanti had 662 votes.

Former school member Brian Pencak again was unsuccessful in his third try for the school board, finishing fifth with 602 votes, while incumbent Joe Ivan finished sixth, far behind the others with 270 votes.

As the campaign evolved, Jordan and Mulcrone worked together buying yard signs with both their names on them. McAteer and Crisanti also had joint yard signs.

Jordan and Mulcrone were endorsed by outgoing school board member Brian Conroy, who was elected to the village board Tuesday on the PEP Party slate.