Finally, the elections are over locally. Turnout was poor. So what if there were not many contested elections? You should vote to support the system that so many fought for.

At Blythe Park School Precinct 8, only 134 people showed up to vote out of the 1,111 registered voters in the precinct. That means turnout was 12 percent. 

Those who did come in to vote were the people I call our “regulars.” They always vote, no matter what the election is about or what the weather is. Thank you; it’s always nice to see you.

To the person who wondered why I had Jolly Ranchers instead of Starlight mints on the table (I always have candy for the voters and, no, it’s not a bribe), I just thought I would change. I will go back to Starlight mints in the future.

Were we disappointed in the turnout? Sure! There is no excuse, because there are too many ways you can take part in voting. I guess some don’t care. So, as they say, if you didn’t vote, don’t complain.

Luckily, for all of the election judges at Blyth Park, we all get along and everything went well with machines and numbers during our 15-hour day. Thanks to the Democratic and Republican organizations in Riverside Township for providing us with doughnuts (yum) and pizza. 

See how the two groups could work together, even if it was just about food? 

Are you ready? St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus are having their 6th Annual Pasta Knight Dinner in the Parish Center at St. Mary Church, 126 Herrick Road in Riverside, on Saturday, April 13 from 3:30 to 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance $12 at the door; children under 4 are free. 

Come to “mangia” on the authentic Italian meal and enjoy entertainment along with your friends and family. There are several raffles with some great prizes, including gifts for sports fans and all members of the family.

The dinner is also a chance to learn more about the Knights of Columbus and what they do. Perhaps you have seen them as honor guards at various events and functions. They are quite impressive in their uniforms. Membership is open to parishioners and non-parishioners.

Thank you Knights for all you do and for giving me another night I don’t have to cook. Grazie!