It’s that time of the year — it is the ending and the beginning. Graduation, prom, finals, parties, communion, confirmation, hoping for some warm weather, looking forward to pools opening, year-end school programs, and so much more.

We had a first communion in our family this past Sunday: granddaughter McKenna Mary Kosey. It was so nice to see the girls in their white dresses and boys in suits and hair combed. 

As McKenna stood on the steps of St. Mary Church for family photographs, I remembered that that was me many years ago in my white communion dress; some traditions do not change, thank goodness.

I remember the excitement of getting everything for the big day: dress, veil, rosary, prayer book and medals. We were able to purchase the items from Mrs. Bednarz (no, not at the hardware store) who had all the religious items a first communicant could need or want. Somewhere in my treasure troves, I am sure I still have some of those items.

How about prom? Remember? My Nazareth prom was held in the gym, with the nuns peering over the balcony to make sure we were not dancing too close. Sure is different now.

The venues are more elaborate and the modes of transportation have changed. Limos have been replaced by buses, nice ones, to insure safety of prom goers. I did go to Fenwick’s prom in a limo. We were ahead of our time. Besides, my date’s uncle had a funeral home, so he arranged it.

It seems the place to take prom pictures is in the amphitheater behind Blythe Park School. It does allow for a good setting with the tiered rows. Not sure who started that tradition, but it’s a good idea and parents can get a good shot all at once.

That amphitheater was always the spot for the spring gym exhibit, or whatever it was called, where classes would “perform.” My favorite was the routine with a parachute. Some kid always seemed to get stuck under it. Kids loved it! Then there was the Maypole dance performed artistically by the fifth-grade girls. The girls always looked forward to it. Wonder if they still do it?

Yep, there’s a lot going on this time of year to enjoy, along with — I hope — nice weather.

Did you know? You need a permit in Riverside to have a security system. I did not know that, but found out when we received a citation. Since I think I’m somewhat in the know, but wasn’t in this case, I would like to consider this a public service to all that you do need a permit.