Did you know that last week was Nurses Appreciation Week? Understand, nurses should be appreciated all the time not just one week out of the year. 

I was given the opportunity to appreciate those wonderful servers at MacNeal Hospital, where Husband Joe spent 15 days on the regular floor and in the rehab department. So, in the course of that time I was able to appreciate them and tell them so; they are the heart of the hospital.

Before I go too far, Husband Joe was in for an infection in his foot. He is under my care (call me Nurse Ratched) and he better appreciate me as I give him his meds and help him with his rehab exercises.

The daily walks to see him, down the halls, past the main entrance, past the fish bowl (which is quite lovely), keep going north, a slight pause past the chapel and then to the elevators, with periodic stops to look at the pictures. Saw the late Dr. Bob Novak’s picture. I knew him. 

A lot of what I saw at MacNeal was not new to me, but I did notice a big change. The hospital is now owned by Loyola Medicine, so I started to notice all the crucifixes in the building — in the ER, in every room. It became a game: spot the crucifix.

When I mentioned it to a nurse, she had not noticed it until she went into the hall and said, “I found it.” I think she is now a cross-sighting mission. 

I think they should have a contest: How many crosses are now at MacNeal Hospital? Winner could get a free first-aid kit and a meal in the cafeteria.

I met many nice people — the security guard at the door, Husband Joe’s roommate, Bob, and his wife, Marilyn, from Brookfield, who said she recognized me from the Landmark. Yay, another reader; I was glad I had makeup on. And then, in comes Jennifer Gentile from physical therapy who said, “I know you.” They wondered if I was going to write about the experience; well here it is.

I sure appreciated the care he got, and to thank them I brought a pound box of candy to each of the departments he was in — Aunt Diana’s, of course. Dark chocolate, I understand, is healthier.