Last February, Save the Children reported that 142 million children around the world live in high-intensity conflict areas, including 27 million kids who are out of school in 24 conflict-affected countries. 

These children are at risk of being killed, wounded or recruited to fight. It is not fair that these children do not get to attend school, or must go to unsafe schools. In their futures, they will never have the same opportunities that children in America and in many other countries have. 

Many of us living peacefully in the U.S. do not consider the suffering of these children to be a problem that our country must take on. In reality, however, this is a humanitarian crisis that will not be solved without the help of countries like our own. 

On April 1, a bipartisan resolution was introduced to the House of Representatives. HR 277 brings much needed attention to this vital issue and holds perpetrators of attacks on schools accountable. 

As a student at Illinois Math and Science Academy and a resident of Riverside, I urge U.S. Representative Jesus “Chuy” Garcia to consider the suffering that these children must endure daily and co-sponsor this resolution to ensure children living in conflict zones have access to safe and quality education. 

Nicole Wolff