Things are a changin’ on East Burlington Street in Riverside. One of the few straight streets in Riverside and home to many of the businesses, it has slowly been going through changes affecting both business and appearance. 

The most notable change was the Village Center, or as I and many longtime residents still refer to it, the Henninger building. Its height and usage have been tastefully accomplished. Now we see where a former Doctors’ office is located has been demolished.  

Rumors have been going around as to what it will be replaced with. Me, until owner Pat Leone tells me what’s going there, I’ll leave it alone. Of course, if he wants to give me a scoop, I’ll be happy to be in the know. I’m sure it will be a welcome addition to the downtown.

When Athletico entered the scene I was sorry to see Arcade Antiques go, because that’s where Husband Joe would buy me presents. However, since being a client at Athletico for the past few weeks, I’m glad it’s here. They have a great staff and they get the job done.  

While going through my session, in my mind I can still see the wonderful counters with trays of beautiful gems and Kay Snyder, smiling, sitting behind her desk. Miss that!         

Back to Athletico, thank goodness they have shades that can be closed to shield clients from too much sun or gawkers. While there the other day, I met a Riversider (hi, Norb) who recognized me. Hopefully, he won’t tell what time I go there or else down come the shades. It’s fun, I like it and it’s giving me some discipline, which we all know I need.  Good move, Athletico, coming to Burlington Street.

Did you know Aunt Diana’s has had three locations on Burlington Street? The other side of the alley their present location and where Athletico now is.

How about Burlington and Harlem? I don’t think it will be another financial institution, but it was originally Riverside Savings and Loan, owned by the Choutka brothers of Riverside.

So the rebirth of Burlington Street is going to be a must watch.

On the side: Thanks, Athletico, for renewing your subscription to The Landmark.  

Did you know? Wing Wah, the Chinese restaurant on Harlem Avenue has closed. I remember it being run by the Moy family. Luckily, we still have To Your Taste on Harlem and Longcommon.