Do you think Candy Cane Park is a little boring right now? Well, we have some awesome ideas to upgrade the park. Can you imagine lots of kids playing in the sun all day? We can! So please read our ideas to make Candy Cane Park the best park in the world.

To start off, there should be a zipline that leads into a red-and-white foam block pit. Do you know what would also make the park fun? A garden maze. Please make it hard, but have clues so kids aren’t in there forever. Next, there should be a lemonade or ice cream stand.

Also, we think a frog and fish pond with a lending library next to it would rock. Additionally, there should be a rainbow treehouse. It should be big and fun. There should be a bike path with a bike rack. Dogs should definitely be allowed in the park. They are fun and happy. Make sure to have emergency phones, too.

These ideas should be used because they are good, and Hollywood kids are pretty smart. If you use our ideas, lots of kids will come to the park. Thank you.


Note: Ryan Murray’s second-graders at Hollywood Elementary are learning about government and how, through hard work and diligence, change can happen. They have also learned that strong, persuasive writing includes detailed, supporting reasons. Their end-of-year writing project involves designing a park and writing an essay. Several of the students plan to present their ideas to the Brookfield Parks and Recreation Commission. This op-ed includes ideas and sentences from their essays.