I have come to the realization that I have, aside from my regular wardrobe, what I refer to as my once-a-year wardrobe. If you think about it, most of us have some items our closets that we bring out for specific moments.

This came to my attention as I pulled out my patriotic scarves, T-shirts, blouses, jewelry and even shoes just before Memorial Day.

It seems each year I add another accessory; this year it was a bracelet (another one!). I also add a new Friends of the Fourth shirt each year, so I have quite a selection. It’ll be my go-to garb on July 4 and it’ll be within easy reach until Veterans Day.  

Christmas is the next biggy for wearables, with holiday season-specific sweaters, shirts and sweatshirts. Jewelry goes from necklaces to earrings to pins to bracelets, some with bling and some more sedate. There is even a purse in the wardrobe. The Christmas attire starts in December and goes until what I call “Little Christmas,” which is Jan. 6.  I’m such a traditionalist.

Halloween lends itself to dressing up, but not everything is a costume at Halloween time. Anything black, with a touch of orange, are the colors to wear. Yes, there are accessories from spiders to witches to ghosts and goblins.

There is little in the Easter category in the closet, maybe a few bunny motifs on some clothing and a possible pin or two. Pastels and bunny earrings, oh my.

How have I amassed such a collection and why, you ask? It goes back to my teaching days. The children always seemed to like getting into the season or holiday, and let me tell you dangling turkey earrings will get their attention. I never was one who had the skeleton earrings dangling, though. Cute ghosts? Yes.

Some of my accessory collection has dwindled as I passed items on to family members in the teaching profession. You can’t have that cute snowman pin just lying in the jewelry box forever. 

While I thought I was through adding to my once-a-year wardrobe, I recently bought another patriotic scarf. I was at the dollar store and it was cute. Hey, what the heck, it was only $1. 

I may not be a slave to fashion, but I do like to celebrate the holidays and their seasons.