Kudos to you on the fine article you wrote regarding the untimely passing of Neil Pellicci (“Neil Pellicci, former Komarek School chief, dies at 64,” News, June 12). You captured all the necessary attributes of this fine man. 

My wife worked as his secretary for 23 years. There were countless times she would tell me how Neil went above and beyond the call of duty, for Komarek School. His work ethic was unmatched. While serving as principal, he was saddled with many of the duties of the superintendent. And when he became superintendent, he retained many of the duties typically assigned to the principal’s position. He did this without complaint.

 His tough-but-fair method of discipline is sorely needed today; not only at Komarek, but throughout our country. He taught the students to respect each other. And he demanded the students respect the staff. Anything short of that, there would be a consequence.

 Perhaps his finest achievement was the way he created a family atmosphere at Komarek, which extended from student through staff. The staff knew he had their back, and that he truly cared about them. It was never phony. The amount of tears shed for Neil and his family affirmed their love for him.

My wife and I arrived at his viewing around 3:45 p.m. The constant line of visitors didn’t stop until 8 o’clock. A testament to a great man. Gone too soon, but left his mark on so many.

 Bob Anderson

Downers Grove