It is unfortunate, but it is time for a village flag policy in Riverside. If I remember, last year the village had a Pride banner in Guthrie Park. We have banners of all types in that park.

If you fly the Pride flag on the village flag pole, which I see on private home flag poles, and I approve of this, we may have to allow others to fly their flags, such as the American Legion, the Knights of Columbus, a college flag, and the list goes on. 

Personally, I fly the U.S. Army flag, the Notre Dame flag, the flag of Ireland, the 13-star U.S. flag, a Santa flag or a Happy Easter flag on my personal flag pole, based on the season or the holiday.

In my opinion, the village flag pole in front of the town hall should be restricted to the United States of America flag, and under it the state of Illinois flag or the village of Riverside flag. 

These flags represent all of the citizens of the village. All other displays should be banners in Guthrie Park.

John Scully